Minecraft Desert Temple

Villages, Desert Temple and Well (Under Spawn Ore, Too)

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Before you take off to find the villages, desert temple and well, go ahead and dig on down. You’ve spawned straight above lapis and gold (there’s coal and iron kicking around down there, too). When you’re done mining, assuming you mine before adventuring off, you don’t have to go far to find civilization. There’s a village right up the river on a plain (you can see it when the game starts).

From that village you can follow the river (river bed in a few areas) southward into the desert and you’ll quickly find three desert structures: a desert temple, a desert well and a desert village. The desert village does have a blacksmith (loot pictured) as opposed to the one on the plain. We didn’t raid the temple at all. And, as far as the desert well goes, we hoped there’d be a stronghold below, but alas, there was not. If you feel like checking it out there is a large cave underneath the well, however.

Minecraft Seed: 1766653575

Seed Verified with Version: 1.8.0

Minecraft In-Game Screenshots

One last thing – if you plunder the temple stop back by and leave a comment if there’s good loot!

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8 thoughts on “Villages, Desert Temple and Well (Under Spawn Ore, Too)”

  1. In the Desert temple there is about 18 gold ingots and a Saddle, which is extremely useful as there is abundant horses in the nearby village

    XYZ -238/69/89

    XYZ -241/66/-242

    XYZ -439/68/118

    XYZ 52/70/582

    XYZ -270/26/133

  3. Hey make the nether portal on the village , the house with a balcony for exact, you will spawn in the nether near to a fortress just about 50 blocks

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