Minecraft Coastal Extreme Hill / Stone Beach at Dusk

Village Spawn, Temple and Awesome Extreme Hill Close By

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This Minecraft seed has a lot going for it. A great spawn that places you right in a village (with a blacksmith) a desert/sand temple close by, and an amazing extreme hill (or stone beach) not far away. And, under spawn you’ll find lapis lazuli, redstone, iron and coal. Here’s the seed and what you need to know to quickly find all of it.

The gallery of screenshots tells the story. Sure, the village is great (including the gold and other loot in the blacksmith’s chest) and no one is going to complain about ore under the spawn point. A desert/sand temple nearby sweetens the deal. To get to it from the village head southwest across the savanna to the desert. If coordinates help, the temple is at (X -148.38, Y 97.61).

The gem, however, is the amazing extreme hill slash stone beach. It emerges from the coast and shoots up past the cloud layer and has several waterfalls, lava flows and voids that have created caves. From the village you can get there by heading in a southeasterly direction. You’ll have arrived at the land side of it at when reaching around the coordinates X 114.60, Y 97.62. It is s hike from the village (not as close as the temple), but well worth the trip! If you don’t have the patience for a trek in survival, try it in creative.

Minecraft Seed: 3657966

Seed Verified with Version: 1.8.0

Minecraft In-Game Screenshots

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40 thoughts on “Village Spawn, Temple and Awesome Extreme Hill Close By”

  1. maybe im doing it wrong but i went by your coordinates and that epic hill your talking about isnt there. i really wanna start building inside the hill. I have minecraft 1.8 so i dont understand why im not finding it

  2. Couldn’t find anything at those coordinates either, but there’s an NPC village at X 753 / Y 74 / Z 51, with a nice mix of things near by.

  3. In my 1.8 this seed spawns me right next to a village, Literally just turn around and there’s a decent sized village. X ray shows lots of iron fairly close too.

  4. ok if you go east directly from the village at spawn, youll find another village. you have to go across the water so get a boat. I ALSO went much further east on that boat, until i stumbled upon an underwater temple. the underwater temple is located at x=3975, y=63, z=277. it is protected by hostile underwater minions. they attack squid and will attack you. one of their abilities is to disable you from being able to mine anything for 3-4 minutes.

  5. I found a pretty cool Extreme Hills biome in the (-1000X 700 Z) area. It isn’t what’s pictured but it’s still pretty cool. The mountain peaks reach up into the clouds and there are some big water/lava falls. I will be making my home in this ocean front mountain range.

  6. annawins is a great seed. Not too far from spawn there is a village with a blacksmith and in the chest there is ink sacs, bread, ingots and a stone sword. Under the well, iron and gold can be found. Be carefull! There is some lava.

  7. I really like this map. I found two villiages and three tamples. Still looking for that mountain range, I went to the cords in the description and found nothing. I’m thinking that perhaps my render distance is too short, but it has to be or my computer lags like crazy. Will keep looking.

  8. I went to the coordinates for the mountain, but nothing there. Was this for 1.7.9, 1.8 or 1.8.1? Please Help

    1. Apologies, but yes, this is a 1.8, 1.8.1 game seed. Seems like you’re not alone in finding those coordinates to be incorrect. We will take a shot at finding it again and if we can’t we’ll remove the coordinates. Will report back…

  9. The Y-coord is listed, not the Z, which is the problem.

    Head for 225X, 400Z to find the mountain shown in the picture. That should put you right at the base.

  10. At the mooshroom island located at X -820 Z 260 i rounded up all the mooshrooms and i have so many. Its the beginning of a HUGE beef or mushroom farm for me. I haven’t decided which yet maybe both. Here is a pic of the mookies. Just copy and paste into browser for the picture link sorry doesnt seem to be highlighted, http://i.imgur.com/3J7CAIc.png

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