Oceanside Extreme Cliff, Waterfalls, Lava Flow

Village, Lava Flow, Waterfalls, Stone Beach

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This Minecraft seed has some beautiful landscape features that are right near the spawn point. Beyond the generated landscape features, there’s also a village directly in front of the spawn point upon a plain. It is a small village with just a few structures and villagers including a blacksmith. The blacksmith’s chest does have some armor and other items worth stopping by for.

The most notable feature visible from the spawn point is an extreme hill with a lava flow and a few waterfalls. The far opposite side of the extreme hill is snow covered. From the village, if you travel in a northwestern direction the extreme hill changes into a cliff beach when it meets the ocean. The cliffs are dramatic with waterfalls and large voids. Snow tops some of the cliffs that reach up to the cloud layer.

Minecraft Seed: 3440087

Seed Verified with Version: 1.8.0

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