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Under Spawn Ravine – Massive Lava Flow to the West

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When you spawn on the plain of this seed look out – the ground below is just about hollow. If you dig down (try this on creative as you’ll die from the fall on survival) you’ll get through a few blocks and then free fall into a huge, deep ravine.  If you’re going to get down there in survival you’ll need a better plan than digging straight down.

The ravine has surface iron and coal for sure, but we didn’t see too much more.  To be fair, we didn’t explore it all that much. On the surface in the swamp you can see in front of you when you spawn there’s a witch hut (it’s visible). Off to the west the snow-capped mountain range has a massive lava flow on it’s far side as well as several waterfalls.

Minecraft Seed: -1881823390

Seed Verified with Version: 1.8.0

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