Minecraft Stronghold Seed - Exposed Library

Stronghold in Ravine [1.8x]

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This Minecraft 1.8x seed features a stronghold that intersects with a ravine. The stronghold and ravine have more than one intersection point. We tripped across it that revealed a view of the library with missing walls that exposed it to the inside of the ravine. Not far away, the end portal room hovers above the ravine with a lava flow and waterfall nearby.

The game start point isn’t bad either. When you appear, you’re adjacent to an ice plains spike biome and a ravine (155 68 251) – this is not the one with the stronghold in it. We started exploring the snowy landscape from here, and after wandering around the ice plains spikes and rest of the cold biome, turned back toward spawn, then came across the ravine with the stronghold (236 68 -704).

From the surface you can see the second floor of the library and exposed ladders. The stronghold is fun to explore as its structure is broken down or missing in several places. We struggled to find the end portal initially, but then located it. If you want to teleport straight to it, it is located at 236 34 -668. Check out the screenshots below and let us know what else you find!

Minecraft Seed: 7352190906321318631

Seed Verified with Version: 1.8.3

Minecraft In-Game Screenshots

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43 thoughts on “Stronghold in Ravine [1.8x]”

  1. So, I went to the coords provided, but it was just underwater, no ravine or stronghold in sight. Some pretty interesting water/lava falls nearby though. Am I missing something?

    1. Make sure you’re using the right version of Minecraft. Different versions have different seed codes. I use 1.8.4 and have been able to find the stronghold and end portal.

      1. no Strongholds are structures that occur naturally underground, and are primarily important because they house end portals. Strongholds can be located using eyes of ender.

        and dungeon is:
        Dungeons are small rooms made of cobblestone and moss stone and contain a monster spawner and up to 2 chests. Finding a dungeon without a chest is very unlikely but possible. Additionally, there is a slight chance of a dungeon being found without a spawner. Occasionally, a dungeon will spawn with its chests in such a way as to create a double chest. Dungeons generate with either a zombie (50% chance), skeleton (25% chance), or spider (25% chance) spawner. The spawner is always in the center of the dungeon room, with chests located around the walls of the room (large chests can connect with the short side against the wall). Each block of the floor has a 25% chance of being cobblestone, and a 75% chance of being moss stone.

    1. The stronghold is where the ender portle is

      Plus i got to the end and when i killed the ender dragon it did not give me the egg😯

      Do you think that a play station is more better than a Xbox

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