1.8x Minecraft Stone Beach Peninsula and Cave

Stone Beach Peninsula with Gold Underfoot

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This 1.8x seed spawns you halfway up the high cliffs of a stone beach looking out over deep ocean. Digging straight down from the spawn point you will find an underground cave about halfway to bedrock. You can explore in two directions. If you go in the downward direction and explore the tunnels and passages it reveals you’ll see that the cave’s predominant ore is gold. We found three gold deposits worth mining within fifteen minutes of exploring in creative mode. We also came across iron, coal and lapis lazuli (once) during that same exploration.

On the surface, the stone beach peninsula that you spawned on is the main feature of the landscape. It juts out from the ocean floor up high above the clouds. There is a small land bridge at one point, and the higher points are dusted in snow. Exploring around the face reveals one lava flow, and amongst several waterfalls, two that standout as they box in a massive cave the burrows into the mountainside. The surrounding landscape, which we’ve yet to explore, is deep ocean, plains, taiga and roofed forest.

Minecraft Seed: 3145708

Seed Verified with Version: 1.8.1

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13 thoughts on “Stone Beach Peninsula with Gold Underfoot”

  1. This is by far one of my favorite seeds. not only is the cliff beach amazing, but there is a glitched ocean monument straight out of the bay where you spawn. I call it glitched because it spawned underneath a small island, making it look like it is underneath a coral reef. Nothing is missing from the temple, making for an awesome adventure. Thanks for taking the time to read this comment! :p

  2. if this is in real life (even if this is a real life simulator, but with pixles) it would be in portland oragan. it would be buiteful.

    1. @Sin Nombre RPG – I just tried it on 1.8.3 and it spawned me on the side of the cliff (like in the description). Tried both Creative and Survival. Wondering why you’re seeing something different.

  3. I was playing Minecraft 1.8.3 then I tried the seed and I spawned on the top of the tree, from there I dig down, deeper and deeper. Then suddenly I feel in an abandoned Mineshaft….

  4. when you use this seed with ‘large biomes’ in 1.8.4, its really quite horrible, you spawn in the middle of the ocean very close to an ocean monument, but if you go to 393 69 -1355, you’ll find a HUGE mushroom biome and thats really the only good part ._.

  5. If anyone is wondering, this also works for 1.7.10. I wanted to use it for a creative modded world I’m building and it works :3

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