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Spawn Beside Jungle Temple

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This Minecraft jungle seed spawns you deep in a thick jungle. It’s difficult to see precisely where you are (and where the temple is). But, if you dig down to the ground level, climb up (or fly if you’re in creative mode) you’ll notice that straight to the south you’ll see a structure made of cobblestone and moss stone – a jungle temple. You can’t miss it – it’s only a minute or two to walk to it.

Beside the temple there is a shallow cave that could be used for shelter, but it’d probably require exterminating some spiders (or other mobs) first. To the north of the spawn (and the jungle temple) there is a river that separates the jungle biome from plain, birch forest and swamp biomes. Under spawn we didn’t see anything spectacular. If we missed something say the word!

Minecraft Seed: 3083175

Seed Verified with Version: 1.8.0, 1.7.10

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128 thoughts on “Spawn Beside Jungle Temple”

  1. Directly Below the temple is a mineshaft, a dungeon connected to the cave the mineshaft is ion and 2 dungeons just off to the North i belive from the mineshaft.

      1. This Seed is amazing! And there is a Mineshaft under the Temple!
        Just did down right at the entrence! There are 2 spawners! 1 Skeleton and 1 Zombie!

          1. Well, not in Minecraft PE. In Minecraft for Xbox, there actually is a jungle temple. This seed is for the Xbox 360 edition, not for PC/Mac edition or Minecraft PE.

          2. You spawn not in the jungle but if you go to creative and go to the jungle just look around in the air you will find it sometime

    1. Also this seed is really great for being creative I built a tree house with 7 rooms each room was in another tree. I love it!

    2. how do u get to the temple? I did not spawn near one and when i flew up, i only saw some large mushrooms

  2. this is true if your in creative just pick an empty map and if you look there you will see a stone and in everywhere you will see trees except the stone and go on it and its the temple

  3. Dont forget, get a fishing rods and fish for fish, and tame those occies!
    when i say occies i mean ocelots

  4. What would the coordinates be for the temple? I spawned in a winter biome and have no clue where to find the temple on my xbox

    1. Hannah – Sorry, but all the seeds on this website are for the PC or Mac versions of Minecraft. We don’t have an Xbox seed site (yet).

          1. Thank You!! That is so useful. Your seeds are amazing… Including the Pocket Edition ones!

      1. Last thing I’ll post for this map, the cave I found directly below the chest in the temple is HUGE there are a lot of dead ends but there are TONS OF RECOURSES if you can’t get out I’ve found and exit that takes you into the jungle. (-54.948/63.00000/238.999)

    1. might take a while but there’s a nice round spot in the cave that would be good for a home, I recommend closing off all the openings aside from the main one but take not of where they are, maybe make some iron doors and pressure plates. (-15.629/43.00000/286.695)

  5. Amazing! For no.1 if you walk south 10/20 m of the temple and dig down you will find a abandoned mineshaft (and a chamber full of squids) at 93/33/315.

  6. hi people. found a above ground spider spawner. located in roofed forest. coords are
    x: -142.776
    y: 72
    z: 438
    is spider spawner with basic loot. bucket redstone name tags and some horse armor.
    hope it benefite

  7. I made a home in the shallow cave and after digging back in one of the walls (and down) I found a giant cave that includes an entrance to the mineshaft someone else mentioned, I think, and also just a lot of other caves. it’s maddening to be honest and as per usual, easy to get lost in and filled with monsters. I found two dungeons (might be three or four, I have lost track) and two spider spawners in the mineshaft… Still exploring the whole thing in survival. Also, the temple was cool. Thank you so much for the seed, even if I’m losing my mind in a giant cave system right now.

  8. What I’ve found so far:

    Ender Portal: 240 71 909

    Village: 741 69 341

    Home: 302 71 314

    Spider Spawner: 471 375

    Diamonds:,, , 526 397, 269 311

    69 246
    353 306

    Zombie Spawner: 36 279

    Skeleton Spawner 5 246
    320 -169

  9. I Love this seed , I installed R.W.B.Y. mod and, at the side ,of the temple, was a “Forever Fall Florest”. it is a very rare biome in the mod and was my first time that a saw one and it was fantastic.

    PS:Sorry if theres anything wrong with the comment, becase my english is not that great.

    PPs:Thanks for the amazing seed

  10. Well lets see I found two giant ravines in this seed with Cole, iron, gold, redstone and diamond. But sorry I do not know the coordinates for them though because I was only checking out some caves a bit further away from spawn.

  11. Thanks, I finally found that cocoa and now i can make many amazing foods! ( Aether II mod) 🙂

  12. Can you search for Ravine far from Tempe’s front enterance, I lost this location, I am on survival, so.. Can you send me coordianes of it, thanks 🙂

  13. OMG THANKIES!!!! THIS WILL BE MY FIRST JUGNLE TEMPLE!!! I was on the latest version. For some reason ti gltiched and mys kin is the default one 😛 MUse a map and follow it to where the stone is to find it fast!

  14. Does it work for pe? If so, I can’t find the temple. If it’s not because of pe, it might be the version I have. I have v0.14.0

  15. this is amazing i have four ocelots now and i am building a house, by the way the jungle temple switch is first and third on second off

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