Second Ravine

Ravines, Mooshrooms and Extreme Hills Above the Clouds

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This Minecraft seed has three interesting ravines and a land-locked mushroom island biome (with mooshrooms) right around the plains biome you spawn on. A quick walk and you’ll also find a savanna island with extreme hills that shoot up higher than the clouds. There’s plenty more to explore, this is just what is in the immediate vicinity of the spawn point.

The plains you spawn on look pretty ordinary. Actually, the whole landscape appears pretty ordinary. But, close by in three directions you’ll find ravines to explore. The first, at (X/Y/Z) 27 68 246, is the tamest of the three. While none of them have any surface ore that is that amazing (but all are beautiful), this one is the simplest. The second, at (X/Y/Z) -168 64 278, is nice too look at, but what’s most special is what the landmass it is on is connected to: a mushroom island that isn’t an island at all. It’s complete with mooshrooms as you’d expect. The third, at (X/Y/Z) -28 68 247, is, depending at how you look at it, two ravines that are interrupted at the surface by some land and a pool of water, or two ravines that are joined just below the surface. Either way, it’s the most interesting and has the most to explore of the three.

Further in that direction the plains turn to savanna, and off the coast there is a savanna island (59 63 -161) with one of the best examples of a hill being extreme. The savanna extreme hill on the island just up past the clouds and has a beautiful waterfall, too. We’re sure there’s more to find – let us know what you come across.

Minecraft Seed: 9925

Seed Verified with Version: 1.8.3

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22 thoughts on “Ravines, Mooshrooms and Extreme Hills Above the Clouds”

      1. You’re very welcome. It’s nice when we hear that we’re making people happy – we try to make the site the best we can and to share a variety of seeds for Minecraft so there is something for everyone 🙂

  1. Found this seed today, going to explore to find more extreme hills, and possibly some cool islands with hidden treasures, will let you know when i find things

  2. found a nice ravine/cave with lots of diamonds natural opsiden and gold and lapluzil in the mushroom land! coordinates are X -313.560Y+349.300
    has anyone found any abandoned mineshafts yet?

  3. So I traveled inland a bit and came across a large desert biome. After flying around there I ended up finding 3 desert wells, and the more interesting thing, a desert temple not more than a few blocks away from a village. Coordinates: 1212 / 64.00000 / 226

  4. This site is a Death from Boredom saver. Literally just found it and I’m racing off finding all sort of cool crap! Thabk you so much for improving my Minecraft experience by a ton and 2!! Please don’t stop, it’s incredible how this has changed the way I look at things. Amazing. Thank you again, you’re the man Both,

    1. No problem (on the autocorrect)… Thanks for the kind words – just happy that people can find cool seeds and enjoy them! Have a great weekend!

      1. There an underground dungeon at x: 115, y:64, and z: 32 right next to the village. All you have to do is find the lava and water falls then look around and find the dungeon.

  5. i love love this seed i tried my own made up one guess what spawn on tiny island but water temple right next to it yaaaaaaaaaaaaay the seed is 24633355339779154 so have fun defeating all the bosses cos i have but could not find water temple until now so i have now finished my goal to defeat all bosses. and water temple was hard to find on my other worlds so yea have fun defeating the elder guardian good luck from me 😉

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