Minecraft Seeds

Minecraft 1.8 Update

The Minecraft 1.8 game update is set to be released on September 2nd, just two days away! They’re calling this update The Bountiful Update and it has a pretty deep list of new features and changes. We’ve heard some beta players saying the terrain generation isn’t as diverse as it was in previous versions. We have been playing 1.8 Pre-Release 3 and don’t have any complaints.

Extreme Hill, Desert Temple and Village

Here’s one of the more extreme extreme hills we’ve seen in the desktop version of Mineraft. But first, the spawn location. At spawn you are in a savanna facing a desert (and the extreme hill) with a village right in front of you. The village has a blacksmith. His loot is two iron picks, gold ingots and food (bread and apples). Now about that temple.