Minecraft Seeds

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Chest Minecart in Abandoned Mineshaft

This is an awesome Minecraft 1.8 seed. You will spawn in plains with some flowers and there will be a village right by you. It is a small village with only four buildings, some crops and a well. The well is a special one, though. Below it is an abandoned mineshaft that has a chest minecart (a minecart with a chest inside it) with a bit of loot in it.

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Precious Ore in Cave Lava Pools

Break that rule – dig straight down. One note, we’ve seen that in Minecraft 1.8.0 that you don’t always spawn in the exactly same spot. Just to make sure you dig where we did, we included the position we were in when we headed down in the screenshots. When you think you’re just above bedrock slow down. If you dig one block too many, you’ll break through the only block keeping you from the lava.

Under Spawn Ravine – Massive Lava Flow to the West

When you spawn on the plain of this seed look out – the ground below is just about hollow. If you dig down (try this on creative as you’ll die from the fall on survival) you’ll get through a few blocks and then free fall into a huge, deep ravine.  If you’re going to get down there in survival you’ll need a better plan than digging straight down.

Surface Ravine Gold – Swamp Spawn!

Launched this game in Minecraft 1.8 (haven’t checked 1.7 versions yet) and the seed spawns in a swamp. Looking in one direction there is plains and the edge of a roofed forest. Right near the spawn point there’s a cool ravine. It has a waterfall on one end and a lava flow at the other. The best part: surface gold (13 blocks). You can see it without even jumping down.

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