Minecraft Witch Hut and Deep Cave

Minecraft Witch Hut on Stilts plus Village Mineshaft

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We’ve never seen a witch hut like this one in Minecraft. The best way to describe it would be to say that it was on stilts. The witch hut is directly above a deep cave entrance with one of the base’s legs going deep into the cave, looking like it is on stilts. The witch hut isn’t far from spawn, it’s at 207 66 614, just a quick flight in creative mode from the spawn point. Speaking of the spawn point, you will likely notice a close by attraction.

When the game starts if you head southwest from the spawn point you’ll quickly come to a village. When we spawned you could see the village as we were in a tree. But, the desktop version of Minecraft doesn’t always spawn you in the exact same place. So, we do recommend you start in creative mode, or, simply head southwest when you spawn. We’ve included in-game screenshots below. The village has a blacksmith, and that blacksmith has 3 diamonds, iron leggings, iron boots and a saddle in his chest. He’s got saplings if you’re into that kind of loot, too. The saddle is definitely a good find – continuing southwest from the village we came across horses roaming on plains.

We dug beside the well in the village and found ourselves in a huge abandoned mineshaft. There’s no way we explored all of it. Tons of rails and wood, a lot of coal and iron, but not too much precious ore (at least where we looked). Where we fell into the mineshaft, however, there was an minecart with a chest. The chest has 10 lapis lazuli, 5 iron ingots and 12 coal. Not, too bad. One thing to note is that it is easy to miss the mineshaft. If you look on the screenshots, we showed precisely where we dug down to find the mineshaft. The coordinates (if you prefer that route) to dig at are -366 68 341.

Minecraft Seed: 96909624

Seed Verified with Version: 1.8.1

Minecraft In-Game Screenshots

Minecraft In-Game Features

Witch Hut: 207 66 614
Village: -371 63 334
Abandoned Mineshaft (dig at): -366 68 341

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48 thoughts on “Minecraft Witch Hut on Stilts plus Village Mineshaft”

    1. No, all the seeds on this web site are for the desktop computer version (Mac/PC)… It wouldn’t render the world the same way.Sorry!

      1. Hmmmmm… It worked for us in 1.8.3, too (just tried it). When we post the ‘verified for/with’ version, it is the exact version we first verify the seed with. The way Minecraft 1.8 has updated since 1.8.0, all world generation has stayed the same (as far as we know), so at least to where we are with 1.8.3, all seeds should work on all versions of 1.8.

  1. Found a dungeon within the mineshaft, in dungeon: loot; bucket, saddle, music disc, bread and golden apple. Monster; Spider

  2. After a bit of exploring of this world, I found a second mineshaft. It might be connected to the first one, but I doubt it because I explored a lot of that one. The coordinates are: -205 34 -312. I found it while exploring a cave, so if you substitute 34 with whatever coordinate the ground is at and dig, you should be able to find it.

  3. 1.8.4 works with this as well, and I found a water temple thing not too far from the witch’s hut.

    1. bruh i found it just fine i think ur probaby just bad at using cords lol i am using 1.8.7 xD the – means negative u know so make sure that u remeber that and y is up and down… hope u find it

  4. Playing this one on our server 🙂 Got the village, witch’s hut, ocean monument and abandoned mineshaft – lovely! BUT boy could we really use a desert. Does anyone have co-ords for one???

  5. Also if you dig down to block -346 20 379 there is a dungeon that connects perfectly with the mineshaft also on the steps to the dungeon there is a visible 1 block of gold. 😉

    1. Unless I got my coordinates wrong, the Witch hut on stilts does not exist in 1.9, though the regular Witch hut still exists where it is supposed to be. Also, I found two more villages. One in a normal plains biome and the other next to a Sunflower Plains biome with a church and a library.

      Normal: 296.5/70?/100.9
      Sunflower Plains: 532/70/20.6

      I have one more place to check for a village if the Village Finder app is right… so far it only got those two right out of an additional 5 coordinates to check (not counting the village already mentioned.)

  6. I love this seed.. This has to be the biggest mineshaft I’ve come across to date. Does anyone have a loot count? I have nine chests in minecarts that held 18 lapis lazuli, 12 coal, 10 iron ingots, 10 pumpkin seeds, 9 redstone, 9 loaves of bread, 8 melon seeds, 6 gold ingots, 2 enchanted books (fire aspect and smite), a saddle, three sticks, iron boots and iron leggings.

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