Minecraft Village Seed - Desert Village and Temple

Minecraft Village Seed – Great Loot

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One Minecraft village (that happens to have a temple as a part of it) that offers diamonds, gold, emeralds, iron, and a saddle. Actually, there’s also bread, a bunch of bones and rotten flesh, but that’s not all that exciting, is it? When the game starts, you’re on the border between a desert and savannah biome. There’s some good places to get to from the spawn point, but we’ll focus on the one village with all the loot.

The village-plus-desert temple is at (X/Y/Z) -219/69/312. Between the blacksmith’s chest and the four chests in the temple, here’s what you get: 3 emeralds, 26 gold ingots, 2 diamonds, 6 iron ingots, iron leggings, a saddle, 3 bread, 15 bones and 11 rotten flesh (if you’re into that sort of thing). Beyond this big take we came across another village and temple. Coordinates for both are below.

Minecraft Seed: -516687594611420526

Seed Verified with Version: 1.8.1

Minecraft In-Game Screenshots

Desert Village + Temple (X/Y/Z): -219 69 312
Desert Temple (X/Y/Z): 232 73 65 (not pictured or described)
Village (X/Y/Z): 162 66 357 (not pictured or described)

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44 thoughts on “Minecraft Village Seed – Great Loot”

      1. Hey Dude! Just wanted ya to know if you didn’t notice this, there’s actually a dungeon PRETTY far from the village, and the funny thing was the chest was beside each other! XD but yeah here’s the coordinates-208 80 -105 not sure bout that but check it out!

    1. it did work for me! i found 1 iron sword , 1 iron boots , and 2 diamonds! and people , if you think it dont work for you , it ONLY work for 1.8.3

    1. Viewed & Liked on YouTube! Great! Ender Boy, if you would put a link in the video’s description to this page we’d appreciate it. Thanks again for showcasing it!

  1. Hello, I also found another village not far from the spawning point, in addition to the other two. Its coordinates are 374 70 688 . There is an iron sword, 4 pieces of bread, two emeralds, and another saddle!

  2. when I teleported to the desert village/temple, I spawned in a solid block, even when I tried to teleport to a location 100 blocks away.

  3. the seed works perfectly in 1.7.10. I got 26 gold ingots, 6 iron, 3 bread, 4 diamonds, 1iron leggings, 1 saddle, 3 emeralds, 15 bones and 11 rotten flesh. So i belive it is an earlier seed than 1.8 seeds. Cause 1.8.x is all the same. There haven’t been any seed changes in all of the 1.8 so if someone have used the seed in 1.8 and it works, well then it should work perfectly fine, unless you edit the world before playing. So all seeds in 1.8 and above is all the same. Trust me, i know this because i have tried. And since 1.8 you can also just create your own seed. Cause the seeds are just a world coding, so if you create a seed then everyone can use the same seed even if you are offline. And now in 1.8 you can choose how much of the specifed ore that shall be summoned and how high so now you basically never need to loot any village again.

  4. I also found two huge ravines into each other strait under the village. The smallest one starts at these coordinates: -210.x.344 And emerges into another one. It’s pretty cool.

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