Minecraft 1.9.2 Seeds

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Hills Ravine and the Jungle Temple – Minecraft 1.9.X Seed

This seed contains two features worth mentioning. First, the extreme hills contain a ravine with a couple lava falls. Second, the jungle contains a jungle temple with some valuable loot. (If you can survive long enough to retrieve it.) Thanks to these two features, this map is full of challenge for the adventurer that wants to try it.

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The Rainbow [Mesa, Savannah, and a Ravine] – MCPC 1.9.X

If you’re someone who likes your Minecraft seed to pop with color, this is the seed for you. It contains a savannah to provide colorful wood planks for building, a mesa with a river going through it for an eye-catching color display, and a bonus ravine for the adventurer.

A Ravine, Extreme Hills, and a Village Too [1.9.X]

This 1.9 seed has several features that make it worth playing. It contains beautiful extreme hills, a small village, and an underground ravine. The ravine may be the highlight of this map since it contains valuable ores. All of the features are fairly close to each other, and that makes it easier to travel between them all.

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