Minecraft 1.10 Seeds

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The Gold Mine [A Village, Mineshaft, and Ravine] – 1.10 Seed

The gold mine isn’t just a phrase to say this seed is full of great things. On top of containing three generated structures, it also contains lots of real gold in the mineshaft and ravine.

You begin this seed in a small plains area with a village right in front of you. There’s also a forest past the village, but there are roofed forests containing large mushrooms on all of your other sides.

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Icy Dungeon [Ice Spikes and a Dungeon] – 1.10 Seed

This seed has everything ice. Ice plains, ice mountains, frozen rivers, ice spikes, and cold taiga. You spawn right in the middle of ice plains with some ice mountains around you. The highlight of the seed is the ice spikes, though. You’ll have to travel to reach them.

The Taiga Village People [Three Villages!] – 1.10 Seed

This village seed is special because it has not one, not two, but three villages! Two of which are unique because they are taiga villages. This map also has extreme hills and ravines. It takes quite a bit of traveling to get to all these features, but if you’re willing to do the hiking, it’s well worth it.

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