Minecraft - Snowy Cold Taiga Biome

Minecraft Snow Seed

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This snow covered Minecraft seed for the PC/Mac spawns you in a massive Frozen-esque world that switches between ice plains, ice mountains and cold taiga only interrupted by frozen rivers cutting it all and occasional ravines with snow dusted floors. We explored in each direction and the snowy ice plains/mountains and cold biome landscape extended in all directions with no sign of letting up.

The ravines, while beautiful, weren’t rich in much to speak of. Coal? Check. Iron? Check. Beyond those two nice-to-have ores, we didn’t find anything more precious. Regardless, if you’re looking to start the game in a snow-covered landscape, and want there to be a lot of it, this might be the seed you’re looking for. We’ve provided the coordinates to a few ravines below the in-game screenshots.

Minecraft Seed: 6992

Seed Verified with Version: 1.8.1

Minecraft In-Game Screenshots

Ravine #1 (X/Y/Z): -31 72 -14
Ravine #2 (X/Y/Z): 278 63 107
Ravine #3 (X/Y/Z): 67 64 -150

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