Deep Snow Ravine - Waterfall and Lava Flow

Minecraft Snow Ravine and Mineshaft Seed [1.8.x]

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At game start, you aren’t at the ravine – you’re going to have to traverse through some snow to get there. Where you are, is on the edge of a hill, just offshore from a spruce taiga mini-island, complete with a plus-shaped mossy cobblestone welcome mat. We were greeted by sheep. No complaints. We haven’t seen a tiny-island like this one, but it’s just one of the great thinks on this 1.8.x Minecraft game seeds.

If you continue in the direction of the island, traversing the waterway and starting across the snowy plains, you’ll eventually (hopefully) find the ravine we’re enamored with. What’s cool about the ravine is it’s depth. The entry point isn’t much higher than sea level, but the ravine is deep. And, once you explore the exposed walls you’ll enter the mineshaft waiting below. With the topical landscape so close to the deep ocean, one wouldn’t think the mineshaft would have as much breadth as it does, but there’s a lot to explore. Close to the entry point you’ll find plenty of mobs, gold, lapis, coal and iron. Look out for a mine cart with a chest in it, too. There’s emeralds among other things inside.

On the downside, you’ll also be plagued by the presence of spiders, zombies and bats. We came across an annoying witch, too. Reality: the chances of stumbling upon it are low, and for that reason we’ve provided the coordinates (below) as well as the coordinates to another ravine and a pair of villages.

Minecraft Seed: 106762004

Seed Verified with Version: 1.8.1

Minecraft In-Game Screenshots

Snow Plains Ravine (X/Y/Z): 603 66 527 (see screenshots above)
Village (X/Y/Z): 1239 71 388 (not pictured)
Village (X/Y/Z): 1661 66 212 (not pictured)

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  1. If you go into the lagoon to coords 270 62 320 and look down, you’ll see a hole in the lagoon floor. This will take you into a large cave system.

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