Minecraft Witch Hut / Swamp Hut Seeds

Each Minecraft Witch Hut Seed listed below has a witch hut (sometimes called a swamp hut) at or near the game’s spawn point.

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Diamond Village and Temple – 1.11 Seed

This seed has a village with a neighboring witch’s hut. In the village, you can find a blacksmith shop containing diamonds. Then if that isn’t good enough, there’s also a desert temple with another diamond in it. This seed seems to have diamonds all over, and there is no mining necessary.

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The Villagers and the Witch [Two Villages, Mega Taiga, Witch Hut] – 1.11 Seed

This seed has a wide range of features worth seeing. It starts off in a taiga with the mega taiga to your right and a swamp to your left. In the swamp, you can find a recluse witch at her witch hut. Then you can find two villages, one on the plains and another in the taiga.

A Little for Everyone [Village, Ravine, Dungeon, and More!] – 1.10

There’s no shortage of things to see and do right near the spawn point in this seed. As far as biomes go on this map, there are several near each other. Plains, extreme hills, forest, mesa, and even deep ocean. Then there are the many generated structures in each biome. This seed almost has too many features to list in this post, but let’s see if we can get through them all.

Minecraft Witch Hut on Stilts plus Village Mineshaft

We’ve never seen a witch hut like this one in Minecraft. The best way to describe it would be to say that it was on stilts. The witch hut is directly above a deep cave entrance with one of the base’s legs going deep into the cave, looking like it is on stilts. The witch hut isn’t far from spawn, it’s at 207 66 614, just a quick flight in creative mode from the spawn point. Speaking of the spawn point, you will likely notice a close by attraction.

Under Spawn Ravine – Massive Lava Flow to the West

When you spawn on the plain of this seed look out – the ground below is just about hollow. If you dig down (try this on creative as you’ll die from the fall on survival) you’ll get through a few blocks and then free fall into a huge, deep ravine.  If you’re going to get down there in survival you’ll need a better plan than digging straight down.

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