Minecraft Taiga Seeds

Each Minecraft Taiga Seed listed below has a taiga biome at or near the game’s spawn point.

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A Ravine, Extreme Hills, and a Village Too [1.9.X]

This 1.9 seed has several features that make it worth playing. It contains beautiful extreme hills, a small village, and an underground ravine. The ravine may be the highlight of this map since it contains valuable ores. All of the features are fairly close to each other, and that makes it easier to travel between them all.

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Iron Sword, Armor, Smite and Looting Enchantments Near Spawn [1.8.x]

This Minecraft Seed for the PC/Mac helps get you set up right. When the game starts you’ll see a desert temple and a NPC village – both off to the northeast. In the desert village the blacksmith has an iron sword, iron leggings and iron boots in his chest. And, in one of the neighboring desert temple’s chests you’ll find an enchanted book with Smite IV and Looting III. The landscape at the spawn point (obviously) has desert biome, plains, taiga and savanna.

1.8x Dungeon Below Spawn, Massive Waterfall

This PC/Mac Minecraft 1.8x seed starts you on the edge of an extreme hill that is snow covered from halfway up to the top. If you move around the mountain toward your right you’ll find a massive waterfall after turning the corner. We dug straight below the spawn point and fell into a dungeon with a zombie mob spawner in it!

Dungeon with Good Loot plus Ore Under Spawn

This Minecraft 1.8 forest/taiga seed has some nice surprises straight under spawn. Digging straight under the game’s spawn point you’ll fall into a dungeon with a zombie spawner in it. There is only one chest, but it has good loot in it: two saddles, iron horse armor, name tags, an iron ingot and bread. The dungeon opens up into a small cave system where there is surface ore you can mine, too.

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