Minecraft Swamp Seeds

Each Minecraft Swamp Seed listed below has a swamp biome at or near the game’s spawn point.

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Under Spawn Ravine – Massive Lava Flow to the West

When you spawn on the plain of this seed look out – the ground below is just about hollow. If you dig down (try this on creative as you’ll die from the fall on survival) you’ll get through a few blocks and then free fall into a huge, deep ravine.  If you’re going to get down there in survival you’ll need a better plan than digging straight down.

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Surface Ravine Gold – Swamp Spawn!

Launched this game in Minecraft 1.8 (haven’t checked 1.7 versions yet) and the seed spawns in a swamp. Looking in one direction there is plains and the edge of a roofed forest. Right near the spawn point there’s a cool ravine. It has a waterfall on one end and a lava flow at the other. The best part: surface gold (13 blocks). You can see it without even jumping down.

Minecraft Swamp, Witch Hut Seed

Spawnning on this Minecraft seed puts you at the edge of a large swamp. Within a couple minutes of wading into the swamp you’ll find a swamp / witch hut amongst the swamp trees standing water. Inside the hut there’s the normal furnishings – an empty cauldron, a crafting table and a flower pot (with or without mushrooms in it).

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