Minecraft Stone Beach Seeds

Each Minecraft Stone Beach Seed listed below has a stone beach biome at or near the game’s spawn point.

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Five-Diamond Village [Extreme Hills, 2 Villages] – 1.11 Seed

A seed is special if you can find one diamond in a village chest. This seed goes far beyond that by providing you with five diamonds in one blacksmith’s chest! If you’re looking for more than just treasure, this seed also has extreme hills with llamas and a second village a short distance away.

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A Ravine, Extreme Hills, and a Village Too [1.9.X]

This 1.9 seed has several features that make it worth playing. It contains beautiful extreme hills, a small village, and an underground ravine. The ravine may be the highlight of this map since it contains valuable ores. All of the features are fairly close to each other, and that makes it easier to travel between them all.

Stone Beach Peninsula with Gold Underfoot

This 1.8x seed spawns you halfway up the high cliffs of a stone beach looking out over deep ocean. Digging straight down from the spawn point you will find an underground cave about halfway to bedrock. You can explore in two directions. If you go in the downward direction and explore the tunnels and passages it reveals you’ll see that the cave’s predominant ore is gold. We found three gold deposits worth mining within fifteen minutes of exploring in creative mode. We also came across iron, coal and lapis lazuli (once) during that same exploration.

Minecraft Extreme Island

This 1.8.0 seed is nothing less than awesome from a land generation standpoint. The game starts with a spawn high up on a ledge of an extreme hill at the cloud layer. Looking around you’ll quickly learn that you’re actually on an island, and it’s no ordinary island. From a biome standpoint it’d be considered extreme hill, stone beach and savanna for the most part.

Village Spawn, Temple and Awesome Extreme Hill Close By

This Minecraft seed has a lot going for it. A great spawn that places you right in a village (with a blacksmith) a desert/sand temple close by, and an amazing extreme hill (or stone beach) not far away. And, under spawn you’ll find lapis lazuli, redstone, iron and coal. Here’s the seed and what you need to know to quickly find all of it.

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