Minecraft Savanna Plateau M Seeds

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Hidden Treasures [And Plateau] – 1.10.X Seed

The treasures of this seed all lie hidden beneath the surface except for the savanna plateau M biome. That almost acts as a bonus to the treasures.

After you spawn in the forest, head straight south into the desert. There is a desert temple buried in the sand that is easy to miss if you aren’t looking for it.

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Hot Journey [Three Villages, Savanna Plateau M, Mesa] 1.10.X Seed

This seed is packed full of great sights if you’re willing to take the journey to get to them. With a temple, villages, a savanna plateau, and a mesa, there’s plenty of chances to find rare items.

This journey could be considered a hot journey because it leads you through the desert and savanna, both of which are considered dry biomes on Minecraft. Even the mesa is a rainless, hot biome. Still, it’s all worth it.

Savanna Skyline [Savanna Plateau M] – 1.10.X Seed

This savanna seed contains breathtaking terrain that reaches above the clouds. When you spawn, you’ll already be in the savanna biome, but traveling to the left takes you through regular savanna plateaus. Eventually, you’ll come to the stunning savanna plateau M.

Savanna Mountain Range – 1.10.X Seed

When you spawn on this seed, you’ll be in the middle of a swamp biome facing the side of a hill with a wide waterfall. If you go over the hill, you’ll see the snowy extreme hills before you, and when you put your render distance high enough, you can also make out the savanna plateau M beyond that. 

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