Minecraft Roofed Forest Seeds

Each Minecraft Roofed Forest Seed listed below has a roofed forest biome at or near the game’s spawn point.

Mesa Biome / Bryce Biome Seed

Of all the Minecraft biomes I’m partial to mesa, and especially bryce mesa biomes. We’re all pretty used to seeing them, but every now and again you one that is just too cool of a seed not to share. This is one of those seed. Yes, there is a temple (or several temples) in there somewhere, and I’m sure there’s a handful of villages and a witch hut or jungle temple. But, we didn’t go track those down. This seed we’re sharing purely to celebrate the beauty that a mathematical algorithm that can come up with.

Stone Beach Peninsula with Gold Underfoot

This 1.8x seed spawns you halfway up the high cliffs of a stone beach looking out over deep ocean. Digging straight down from the spawn point you will find an underground cave about halfway to bedrock. You can explore in two directions. If you go in the downward direction and explore the tunnels and passages it reveals you’ll see that the cave’s predominant ore is gold. We found three gold deposits worth mining within fifteen minutes of exploring in creative mode. We also came across iron, coal and lapis lazuli (once) during that same exploration.

Surface Ravine Gold – Swamp Spawn!

Launched this game in Minecraft 1.8 (haven’t checked 1.7 versions yet) and the seed spawns in a swamp. Looking in one direction there is plains and the edge of a roofed forest. Right near the spawn point there’s a cool ravine. It has a waterfall on one end and a lava flow at the other. The best part: surface gold (13 blocks). You can see it without even jumping down.