Minecraft Roofed Forest Seeds

Each Minecraft Roofed Forest Seed listed below has a roofed forest biome at or near the game’s spawn point.

Neighboring Villages [And Extreme Hills and Roofed Forest] – 1.10.X Seed

It’s rare to spawn right in a village in Minecraft, but even more rare is to spawn in a village with a neighboring village only a few blocks away. To top it off, both of these neighboring villages have blacksmiths, giving you two chests to loot. Once you’re finished in the villages, this seed also has a couple cool biomes for you to check out.

Smiling Ravine [Village, Jungle] – 1.10.X Seed

The features on this seed are a bit random, but that gives you a variety of things to do. When you spawn you’ll be in a plains biome with a roofed forest around. To your left is a savanna biome, and that’s the direction you should head for the village, ravine, and the jungle further on.

The Scenic Seed [Roofed Forest and Mesa] – 1.10.X Seed

This seed has more beauty to it than actual structures, but since one of the beautiful parts of this seed is the mesa, you’ll still be able to find an abandoned mineshaft to get some good items and gold from.

The seed starts with an interesting roofed forest before you even reach the mesa, though.

Dungeon, Diamonds, and Mineshafts – 1.10.X Seed

How many seeds start you off with three diamonds right off the bat? Not many, but with this seed you can.

You spawn in the middle of a patch of plains surrounded by roofed forest. If you go to the left, you’ll see the village that holds the three diamonds. You probably want to run over there as fast as you can.

Six Biomes and Three Structures [Two Villages and One Temple] – 1.10.X Seed

This seed has a nice mash of multiple biomes and a few options when it comes to generated structures. With so many biomes close together, it makes it really easy to gather a variety of materials to build with, and the two villages and one desert temple give you even more items to enjoy.

Six Biomes (Birch Forest, Forest, Plains, Desert, Savannah, and Roofed Forest)
Six Biomes (Birch Forest, Forest, Plains, Desert, Savannah, and Roofed Forest)