Minecraft Obsidian Seeds

3 Villages and Lava Hills – 1.10.X Seed

This seed has quite a few noteworthy structures including three villages and some interesting extreme hills.

The first structure is immediately on your right when you spawn. This village, though a fairly nice sized one, is the least exciting of the villages located on this seed. Still, it gives you some food to begin your map with. You’re about to go on a trek, so that is a valuable resource.

Village #1
Village #1

Four Villages [And Dungeon] – 1.10.X Seed

This seed has four different villages, and three of them have blacksmith shops. Also, on the way to one of the villages, you can stumble onto an exposed dungeon. There’s plenty of chances to find special items in all of the chests in these generated structures. It all begins when you spawn right next to the first village.

Mushroom Forest, Lava & Desert Loot! – 1.10 Seed

This next seed contains all sorts of areas worth exploring. When you first spawn, you’ll find yourself next to a large roofed forest jam packed with giant mushrooms. You’ll find lavafalls and mountains, and eventually you will come across some rewarding desert loot within a village!