Minecraft Mesa Seeds

Each Minecraft Mesa Seed listed below has a mesa biome at or near the game’s spawn point.

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All About the Mesa [Bryce, Dungeon, and Mineshaft] – 1.10.X Seed

Mesas are a colorful biome that you can’t find very often in Minecraft. Besides just being rare, this seed is special because it has both regular and bryce mesa and it holds an easy-to-get-to dungeon and an abandoned mineshaft. This is an exciting seed to explore.

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A Little for Everyone [Village, Ravine, Dungeon, and More!] – 1.10

There’s no shortage of things to see and do right near the spawn point in this seed. As far as biomes go on this map, there are several near each other. Plains, extreme hills, forest, mesa, and even deep ocean. Then there are the many generated structures in each biome. This seed almost has too many features to list in this post, but let’s see if we can get through them all.

The Rainbow [Mesa, Savannah, and a Ravine] – MCPC 1.9.X

If you’re someone who likes your Minecraft seed to pop with color, this is the seed for you. It contains a savannah to provide colorful wood planks for building, a mesa with a river going through it for an eye-catching color display, and a bonus ravine for the adventurer.

Mesa Biome / Bryce Biome Seed

Of all the Minecraft biomes I’m partial to mesa, and especially bryce mesa biomes. We’re all pretty used to seeing them, but every now and again you one that is just too cool of a seed not to share. This is one of those seed. Yes, there is a temple (or several temples) in there somewhere, and I’m sure there’s a handful of villages and a witch hut or jungle temple. But, we didn’t go track those down. This seed we’re sharing purely to celebrate the beauty that a mathematical algorithm that can come up with.

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