Minecraft Horse Seeds

Each Minecraft Horse Seed listed below has a horse at or near the game’s spawn point.

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Ring Around a Savanna [3 Villages, 3 Blacksmiths, 2 Temples] – 1.11 Seed

This seed keeps you going right around the edge of the savanna without actually finding anything in the savanna. However, in the surrounding desert, you’ll find three villages (all with blacksmith shops) and two desert temples. You’ll have no shortage of treasure on this seed.

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Diamonds, Desert, and Extreme Hills [2 Temples, Village] – 1.11 Seed

This seed has several structures worth checking out. There’s a temple not far away from the spawn, a village west of that, and another temple with diamonds a short journey away. To top it off, next to the desert biome are extreme hills that seem to tower over the rest of the surrounding terrain. One peak even goes above the cloud level!

Trio of Villages – 1.11 Seed

This seed is exactly what the title says. A trio of villages. As you travel around the seed, you’ll come across a simple desert village, a savanna village that is a third on the desert, a third on the savanna, and a third on the swamp, and then a second desert village (but this one has a blacksmith shop). You’ll get a nice tour of this seed as you go to each village.

Below and Above the Water [Ocean Monument, Village] – 1.10.X Seed

Usually, you have to go pretty far out into the ocean to find an ocean monument. In this seed, you can find one in a loch-like area near the land. Then as a bonus, there is a village on land with a blacksmith and some cool extreme hills nearby.

Taiga Ranch [Horses, Blacksmith, Dungeon] – 1.10.X Seed

This seed has a blacksmith and a dungeon with all the items you need to get your first horse to start your ranch. It also spawns you in the middle of a plain with several horses around to make finding your steed easy.

To find the village and dungeon, turn to the taiga on your right when you spawn. After you cross the river, you’ll find the village in the woods.

The Plain with Horses and the Taiga
The Plain with Horses and the Taiga

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