Minecraft Flower Forest Seeds

Each Minecraft Flower Forest Seed listed below has a flower forest biome at or near the game’s spawn point.

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Hills, a Village, and a Mineshaft – 1.10.X Seed

You spawn on the edge of a beach on this seed, but as you travel through the continent, you’ll find several interesting structures. Start by going east through the forest. Eventually, you’ll see extreme hills, a taiga village, and a ravine with a mineshaft in the bottom. The extreme hills will be first at 444 / 85 / 228.

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3 Villages and Lava Hills – 1.10.X Seed

This seed has quite a few noteworthy structures including three villages and some interesting extreme hills.

The first structure is immediately on your right when you spawn. This village, though a fairly nice sized one, is the least exciting of the villages located on this seed. Still, it gives you some food to begin your map with. You’re about to go on a trek, so that is a valuable resource.

Village #1
Village #1

Flower forest, Swamps and Ocean Village – 1.10 Seed

We’ve found a seed that puts you out in the center of a forest. With a little bit of looking around, you’ll be able to find a swamp biome, a  lava pit and a village with a blacksmith chest! The forest that you start in also has a huge amount of flowers growing in amongst the trees. Why not come and take a look at the seed?

The Great Ravine System [Ravines Galore!] – 1.10 Seed

This seed is for the ravine lover and the cave explorer. You spawn right by two intersecting ravines, and you can find a large ravine system if you travel a little. If those don’t give you enough rare ores and caves to explore, there is another small intersecting ravine system and two villages elsewhere in the seed.

Minecraft 1.8 Village with Rabbits!

Looking for a pet rabbit? Well, this is the Minecraft 1.8 seed for you. The game spawns you in a flower field with rabbits hopping around in it. Go get yourself a carrot and you’ll have yourself a new pet! It’s hard to miss the other big feature on this seed: the village. It’s on the plain straight in front of you.

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