Minecraft Dungeon Seeds

Each Minecraft Dungeon Seed listed below has a dungeon at or near the game’s spawn point.

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Four Villages [And Dungeon] – 1.10.X Seed

This seed has four different villages, and three of them have blacksmith shops. Also, on the way to one of the villages, you can stumble onto an exposed dungeon. There’s plenty of chances to find special items in all of the chests in these generated structures. It all begins when you spawn right next to the first village.

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A Little for Everyone [Village, Ravine, Dungeon, and More!] – 1.10

There’s no shortage of things to see and do right near the spawn point in this seed. As far as biomes go on this map, there are several near each other. Plains, extreme hills, forest, mesa, and even deep ocean. Then there are the many generated structures in each biome. This seed almost has too many features to list in this post, but let’s see if we can get through them all.

Icy Dungeon [Ice Spikes and a Dungeon] – 1.10 Seed

This seed has everything ice. Ice plains, ice mountains, frozen rivers, ice spikes, and cold taiga. You spawn right in the middle of ice plains with some ice mountains around you. The highlight of the seed is the ice spikes, though. You’ll have to travel to reach them.

Glitched Temple Inside Village + Lots of Great Loot

There’s a lot of great chest loot in this Minecraft 1.8x seed that was submitted by Epic user Tylizzle96. We’ve got the coordinates to quickly get to some of the loot, but something that might be even more interesting on this seed is that there is a glitched village that has a temple overlapping the village! What makes it one of the best village glitches we’ve seen is that both the village and the temple are completely intact.

1.8x Dungeon Below Spawn, Massive Waterfall

This PC/Mac Minecraft 1.8x seed starts you on the edge of an extreme hill that is snow covered from halfway up to the top. If you move around the mountain toward your right you’ll find a massive waterfall after turning the corner. We dug straight below the spawn point and fell into a dungeon with a zombie mob spawner in it!

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