Minecraft Diamond Seeds

Each Minecraft Diamond Seed listed below has diamonds at or near the game’s spawn point.

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Minecraft Mesa / Bryce Biome, Temple Nearby [1.8.x]

This Minecraft 1.8.x seed spawns in a mesa biome. Exploring it’s perimeter you’ll find intermittent bryce mesa biomes and the whole mesa surrounded by a river and a variety of other biomes including swamp, birch forest, forest, swamp and savanna. Not far from the game start point there’s a desert temple (coordinates are 648 71 159) with reasonably good loot, especially when you’re just getting started.

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Minecraft Witch Hut on Stilts plus Village Mineshaft

We’ve never seen a witch hut like this one in Minecraft. The best way to describe it would be to say that it was on stilts. The witch hut is directly above a deep cave entrance with one of the base’s legs going deep into the cave, looking like it is on stilts. The witch hut isn’t far from spawn, it’s at 207 66 614, just a quick flight in creative mode from the spawn point. Speaking of the spawn point, you will likely notice a close by attraction.

Minecraft Village Seed – Great Loot

One Minecraft village (that happens to have a temple as a part of it) that offers diamonds, gold, emeralds, iron, and a saddle. Actually, there’s also bread, a bunch of bones and rotten flesh, but that’s not all that exciting, is it? When the game starts, you’re on the border between a desert and savannah biome. There’s some good places to get to from the spawn point, but we’ll focus on the one village with all the loot.

Minecraft 1.8x Temple, Village and Mineshaft

This is a cool Minecraft 1.8x exploration seed. The game starts at the intersection of plains, desert and forest adjacent to a river. Off to the north within visible distance is a savanna, too. From spawn if you head northeast you’ll quickly find a desert temple (XYZ -161 68 74). Off in that savanna there’s a village located at (XYZ) 170 64 369. On one edge of the village at the base of a villager’s home there is a chasm/cave entrance that is very deep. If you can get down there without dying we found a lot of coal and iron as well as some gold.

Glitched Temple Inside Village + Lots of Great Loot

There’s a lot of great chest loot in this Minecraft 1.8x seed that was submitted by Epic user Tylizzle96. We’ve got the coordinates to quickly get to some of the loot, but something that might be even more interesting on this seed is that there is a glitched village that has a temple overlapping the village! What makes it one of the best village glitches we’ve seen is that both the village and the temple are completely intact.

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