Minecraft Diamond Seeds

Each Minecraft Diamond Seed listed below has diamonds at or near the game’s spawn point.

Ravine Village [Mineshaft, Dungeon, Diamond] – 1.10.X Seed

This seed spawns you in a taiga with a village nearby. On the opposite side of the village where you spawned, you can find a ravine with an abandoned mineshaft. In the mineshaft, there are a dungeon and a chest minecart with a diamond. This seed seems to just keep getting better the deeper you go.

To the Zombie Village [2 Villages, 1 Temple] – 1.10.X Seed

This seed has a rare zombie village where all the villagers are zombie-fied. On the journey to get there, you can visit a regular savanna village with a blacksmith and a desert temple to pick up some treasures. It all starts by spawning in the savanna facing the ocean.

Diamond in the Mesa – 1.10.X Seed

This seed spawns you in a forest, but if you walk out of the trees, you can see the mesa stretched out before you. Mesas are a unique, rare biome, and spawning so close to one is a treat. Not only do they look cool with the colored clay and red sand, but they also hold a lot of great things. This one even has one diamond in a chest minecart.

Two Villages and a Diamond – 1.10.X Seed

This seed has two villages, one near the spawn point and one further away. The second village is worth the trek because it has a blacksmith shop with a diamond inside the chest. The first village just acts as a starting point to get you the food you need to make the journey to the real treat of this seed.