Minecraft Chest Minecart Seeds

Each Minecraft Chest Minecart Seed listed below has a chest minecart at or near the game’s spawn point.

Minecraft 1.8x Temple, Village and Mineshaft

This is a cool Minecraft 1.8x exploration seed. The game starts at the intersection of plains, desert and forest adjacent to a river. Off to the north within visible distance is a savanna, too. From spawn if you head northeast you’ll quickly find a desert temple (XYZ -161 68 74). Off in that savanna there’s a village located at (XYZ) 170 64 369. On one edge of the village at the base of a villager’s home there is a chasm/cave entrance that is very deep. If you can get down there without dying we found a lot of coal and iron as well as some gold.

Chest Minecart in Abandoned Mineshaft

This is an awesome Minecraft 1.8 seed. You will spawn in plains with some flowers and there will be a village right by you. It is a small village with only four buildings, some crops and a well. The well is a special one, though. Below it is an abandoned mineshaft that has a chest minecart (a minecart with a chest inside it) with a bit of loot in it.