Minecraft Cave Seeds

Each Minecraft Cave Seed listed below has a cave at or near the game’s spawn point.

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Minecraft Witch Hut on Stilts plus Village Mineshaft

We’ve never seen a witch hut like this one in Minecraft. The best way to describe it would be to say that it was on stilts. The witch hut is directly above a deep cave entrance with one of the base’s legs going deep into the cave, looking like it is on stilts. The witch hut isn’t far from spawn, it’s at 207 66 614, just a quick flight in creative mode from the spawn point. Speaking of the spawn point, you will likely notice a close by attraction.

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Minecraft Snow Ravine and Mineshaft Seed [1.8.x]

At game start, you aren’t at the ravine – you’re going to have to traverse through some snow to get there. Where you are, is on the edge of a hill, just offshore from a spruce taiga mini-island, complete with a plus-shaped mossy cobblestone welcome mat. We were greeted by sheep. No complaints. We haven’t seen a tiny-island like this one, but it’s just one of the great thinks on this 1.8.x Minecraft game seeds.

Stone Beach Peninsula with Gold Underfoot

This 1.8x seed spawns you halfway up the high cliffs of a stone beach looking out over deep ocean. Digging straight down from the spawn point you will find an underground cave about halfway to bedrock. You can explore in two directions. If you go in the downward direction and explore the tunnels and passages it reveals you’ll see that the cave’s predominant ore is gold. We found three gold deposits worth mining within fifteen minutes of exploring in creative mode. We also came across iron, coal and lapis lazuli (once) during that same exploration.

Chest Minecart in Abandoned Mineshaft

This is an awesome Minecraft 1.8 seed. You will spawn in plains with some flowers and there will be a village right by you. It is a small village with only four buildings, some crops and a well. The well is a special one, though. Below it is an abandoned mineshaft that has a chest minecart (a minecart with a chest inside it) with a bit of loot in it.

Precious Ore in Cave Lava Pools

Break that rule – dig straight down. One note, we’ve seen that in Minecraft 1.8.0 that you don’t always spawn in the exactly same spot. Just to make sure you dig where we did, we included the position we were in when we headed down in the screenshots. When you think you’re just above bedrock slow down. If you dig one block too many, you’ll break through the only block keeping you from the lava.

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