Desert Temple - Minecraft Mesa Seed

Minecraft Mesa / Bryce Biome, Temple Nearby [1.8.x]

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This Minecraft 1.8.x seed spawns in a mesa biome. Exploring it’s perimeter you’ll find intermittent bryce mesa biomes and the whole mesa surrounded by a river and a variety of other biomes including swamp, birch forest, forest, swamp and savanna. Not far from the game start point there’s a desert temple (coordinates are 648 71 159) with reasonably good loot, especially when you’re just getting started.

Desert Temple Loot

  • 3 Diamonds
  • 10 Iron Ingots
  • 13 Gold Ingots
  • 20 Bones
  • 1 Gold Horse Armor
  • 1 Enchanted Book (Bane of Arthropods IV)
  • 10 Rotten Flesh (In case you’re into that kind of thing)

We saw a witch hut in one of the swamplands, but beyond that found the nearby landscape to lack villages or other temples. If you find anything please do stop by and let us know what you found and where!

Minecraft Seed: 47748584

Seed Verified with Version: 1.8.3

Minecraft In-Game Screenshots

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33 thoughts on “Minecraft Mesa / Bryce Biome, Temple Nearby [1.8.x]”

    1. Cool – Appreciate you’re doing that. Viewed & Liked on YouTube! If you don’t mind adding a link on the YouTube video to this page that would be great. Thanks again Ender Boy!

    1. I just finished sponging the water out of the underwater building, it is a pretty big structure. Nice place for a hideout if you clear all the outside lights, no one would ever find you >:)

      I have begun clearing the ocean around the structure, interesting exterior design. The inside is filled with a maze of different rooms. Although there was not any collectibles in there, it is pretty cool.

  1. end portal……………………………… x 1075 , z 205
    surface zombie spawner…………. x 122 , z 434
    witch’s hut…………………………….. x 2307 , z -876

    mega taiga biome………………….. x 2000 , z 0

    (I never knew this biome existed!)

    can anyone tell me where a jungle biome is on this seed?


  2. I found another desert temple…… x 773 , z 1235

    still haven’t found a jungle biome anywhere 🙁

    please let me know if you find one!

  3. This is a complete lie! I searched for an hour around, even where you said, and I did not see any temple or anything……you just came up with a random seed and photoshopped a temple into it…thanks so much for this bad seed…..

  4. Not far from the spawnpoint there is a spider spawner and 2 chests with saddles, wheat and bread in a cave 122/64/434 rough co-ords.

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