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Minecraft Enchanting Quick-Start Seed: 4 Enchantments at Spawn

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This Minecraft enchanting quick-start seed has a valuable right by the game start point – a temple that has an enchanted book with 4 enchantments: Silk Touch I, Respiration II, Protection III and Knockback II. Beyond the four enchantments the desert temple also holds 7 gold, 19 bones, an emerald, a saddle and iron horse armor. There’s rotten flesh, too (pretty sure no one is interested in that, though!). The seed itself is beautiful, too.

As soon as we spawned we knew it was a keeper (even before finding the desert temple loot). You spawn on a sand beach, and desert extends into the landscape. On each side down the coast you can see savannah biome, too. Moving inland you’ll quickly see the desert temple (94 66 -168). There’s also a couple of desert wells, but we found nothing of note beneath them. Once you’ve acquired what you want from the temple there’s plenty to explore. We won’t spoil it, but as you continue to explore you’ll find great diversity in biomes and resources. Seems like a great survival adventure seed. Hope you enjoy it!

Minecraft Seed: -838329079

Seed Verified with Version: 1.8.1

Minecraft In-Game Screenshots

Enchanted Book Enchantments

  • Silk Touch I: Mined blocks drop themselves instead of the usual items (allows collection of blocks that are normally unobtainable)
  • Respiration II: Extends underwater breathing time
  • Protection III: Reduces most damage
  • Knockback II: Increases knockback

Learn more about enchanting on the Minecraft Gamepedia Wiki.

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