Ocean Monument / Temple

Minecraft 1.8 Ocean Monument, Guardian Seed

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A guardian mob (the aquatic creature resembling a pufferfish) and an ocean monument are both just offshore of the spawn point of this Minecraft 1.8.0 seed. When you spawn you’ll be up in a tree. Take note of your orientation as the direction you’re facing in the direction of the ocean monument (some call it an ocean temple) which is inhabited with squid and guardians.

The spawn island has good resources to get started. Beyond what you see on the surface, digging straight under spawn will reveal plenty of iron. On the way down you’ll plop into a cave which we didn’t explore too much. We did quickly find lapis lazuli, however. Finally, just above bedrock you’ll encounter redstone. Digging the redstone out will reveal diamonds as well.

Minecraft Seed: -1211445164

Seed Verified with Version: 1.8.0

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