Guardian/Pufferfish over Ocean Monument

Another Minecraft 1.8 Ocean Monument Seed

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Here’s another ocean monument seed for Minecraft update 1.8.0. This seed spawns you on a very small island with no resources. When the game spawns you, you’re looking in the direction of the ocean monument (if you look in the water you can see the shape of the upper part of the structure underwater). Digging below spawn you’ll want to be careful – this is one of those ‘death by lava’ seeds. The lava isn’t that deep, either.

The ocean monument has guardians zapping away at squid and jumping out of the water. With the lack of resources on the spawn island, you’ll likely not return to the spawn island after leaving. Another flat island is close by, but it also has little to offer. There is, however, a larger island emerging from the water that look much more effective at sustaining life. Good luck!

Minecraft Seed: 94984400

Seed Verified with Version: 1.8.0

Let us know if you find anything in the ocean monument!

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  1. I used the seed in minecraft 1.8.9 optifine HD ultra version 3 and I spawned on and island, but couldn’t find the ocean monument

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