The Two Biomes

Mega Forest Islands [Jungle, Mega Taiga] – 1.10.X Seed

Jungles and mega taigas have some of the tallest trees in Minecraft. They also have other features that make them unique and cool to stumble upon. This seed has both of them close to each other so you can enjoy the benefits of both.

Minecraft PC 1.10.X Seed: -1564178581392043363

You get an island feel from these two biomes when you spawn. You’ll be on the mega taiga, and across the water is the jungle island. The mega taiga goes on longer than an island, but it’s skinny enough it almost feels like an island.

Mega Taiga

Mega taigas are characterized by their tall spruce trees, mossy cobblestone boulders, and podzol ground. These features make this biome more exciting than a regular taiga, and it’s also rarer.

Mega Taiga
Mega Taiga

This mega taiga has a large hill the middle, making the forest seem even taller. There are also a lot of cave openings that you can explore to see if you can find good ores.

The Jungle Island

Across the water, you can find the jungle island. Since it’s an island, it’s not quite as vast as some jungles can end up being. There’s still plenty of room to explore, build, and gather materials. To make it a little bigger, there are other small islands near the big one with more jungle trees on them.

Jungle Island
Jungle Island

This biome has great food items like cocoa beans and melons. Jungles are the only place you can find ocelot cats to tame.

The thick foliage can make exploring and building tricky, but the tall trees with wide leaves also make for great places to build cool tree houses.

Each of these biomes has their own unique features. Explore for yourself to see what other cool things you can find.

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