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Island with Deep Ravine, Gold, Village

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When the game spawns you’ll find yourself on an island facing a deep ocean. Turning around you’ll be facing a village that runs laterally down the island. For the size of the island the village is of a good size, and there’s plenty of villagers to approach for possible trades.

Continuing to the far end of the island reveals a major feature – a huge ravine that is positioned right on the water’s edge. The ravine has waterfalls and lava flows emerging from its walls. Down inside the ravine you’ll find surface ore including gold. Beware – zombies are spawning in the ravine and one we encountered had armed himself with a sword.

Minecraft Seed: 100385962

Seed Verified with Version: 1.8.0

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9 thoughts on “Island with Deep Ravine, Gold, Village”

  1. Next to the village there is also a small cave with plenty of coal and some iron ore. When you get down dig a bit lower and you will come across another cave.

  2. North from the small island (west-side of the main island) there’s an expansive abandoned mineshaft.

  3. if you go west from the the village you will find main land where you will find a under water ravine under a lake, also there is a underwater mineshaft near a island surround the main island

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