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Iron Sword, Armor, Smite and Looting Enchantments Near Spawn [1.8.x]

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This Minecraft Seed for the PC/Mac helps get you set up right. When the game starts you’ll see a desert temple and a NPC village – both off to the northeast. In the desert village the blacksmith has an iron sword, iron leggings and iron boots in his chest. And, in one of the neighboring desert temple’s chests you’ll find an enchanted book with Smite IV and Looting III. The landscape at the spawn point (obviously) has desert biome, plains, taiga and savanna.
Beyond the enchanted book with Smite IV and Looting III you’ll find some other useful items in the temple (as well as enough rotten flesh to have a rotten flesh party).

In the Desert Temple’s Chests:

  • Enchanted Book
    • Smite IV
    • Looting III
  • 15 Bones
  • 5 Gold Ingots
  • 6 Iron Ingots
  • 39 Rotten Flesh
  • 1 Saddle

If you’re not sure what these enchantments do or how enchanting works, the Enchanting Entry on the Minecraft Gamepedia is a great resource.

Minecraft Seed: 53526209

Seed Verified with Version: 1.8.3

Minecraft In-Game Screenshots

Game Coordinates

Here’s how you can quickly find the desert temple and desert village:

  • Desert Temple: -134 71 -236
  • Desert Village: 10 67 -153
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    1. actually u saved my stuff i made a house and my home bed was missing or obstructed so tp’d there and my house and items was there

    1. press fn & f3 (or just f3; it depends what type of computer you have) it shows your coordinates. :’)

  1. those numbers mean coordinates – like directions to get there. On pc – you press F3 to see your coordinates

  2. You should post seeds for the newer updates of Minecraft, you might get more viewers of this site!

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