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Ice Plain Spikes Spawn

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This Minecraft seed (tested in the 1.8.0 update and in 1.7.10) gets the game going from spawn in an ice plain that is adjacent to a large ice plain spikes biome! To get to the ice spikes travel west from the spawn point. You can’t miss them – they’re on the opposite shore of the frozen river.

Animals are sparse, but there are trees to get life started if you’re playing survival. We were surprised to see flowers on the ice plain as well as random sprouts of sugarcane. As far as ore goes, straight underneath the spawn point, just above bedrock there is a good grouping of redstone and coal.

Minecraft Seed: -479955565

Seed Verified with Version: 1.8.0, 1.7.10*

Minecraft In-Game Screenshots

* In the 1.7.10 version you will find the ice plain spikes in the same location. The landscape does look slightly different.

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37 thoughts on “Ice Plain Spikes Spawn”

  1. I hate to be a downer, but every seed I try fails to give me what is explained, including this one. I wonder if the seed works on some computers, but not the others, like the DNA reaction sorta thingamajigger is slightly different…. Maybe I should just do a random seed. Thanks anyway, I bet the Ice Towers would be fun!

    1. Do you have mc 1.8.0? If you don’t it definitely won’t work. Also make sure your world type is default. Hope this helped.

    2. if your making stuff like superflat and not leaving it on default the that’s the problem do do anything except the seed and the name

    3. No it works, I thought that it wouldn’t like you did but it does, the spawn will take you far away. Just keep going west

          1. You should actually do this to get there do this in creative with cheats do /tp -363 119 214
            Also come Chek out my youtube channel

    4. That happened to me too for the longest time, then I figured out that you actually need to include the “-” at the beginning of seeds.

    1. Some seeds are words. Just type in random stuff into the seed generation bar and pick the world you want.

  2. I did this one then built a house and couldn’t sleep because there was a doungen under my house with zombie and gold

  3. Hey so if anyone has noticed, there is a massive cave system under the ice spikes biome all you have to do is go into spectator mode and go down a little and look

  4. This seed doesn’t work anymore for me, so I looked for another one. And I found the following:
    Type 72299 and go north by a loooooooong way. Co-ordinates are x-1604.292, y-99.72870, z–5715.856 (this works for 8.1)

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