Extreme Island - Minecraft 1.8.0

Minecraft Extreme Island

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This 1.8.0 seed is nothing less than awesome from a land generation standpoint. The game starts with a spawn high up on a ledge of an extreme hill at the cloud layer. Looking around you’ll quickly learn that you’re actually on an island, and it’s no ordinary island. From a biome standpoint it’d be considered extreme hill, stone beach and savanna for the most part.

Beyond the acacia trees, exposed earth and sandy cliffs, the generated features that make this sky-scraping island extreme include massive waterfalls and a lava flow in a cave created by a large void in the island structure. Offshore there’s neighboring islands as well as an ocean monument. A truly unique island seed to explore. Check out the gallery below to get an idea of what we’re talking about!

Minecraft Seed: -969535336

Seed Verified with Version: 1.8.0

Minecraft In-Game Screenshots

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    1. 1.13.1, Large Biomes
      I just typed “Ocean” in the seed box and sure enough, Ocean I got. It does have some land if you go east for a long time, but not in any immediate vicinity. There is an underwater shipwreck and a mineshaft under that, though.

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