Extreme, Extreme Hill

Extreme Hill, Desert Temple and Village

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Here’s one of the more extreme extreme hills we’ve seen in the desktop version of Mineraft. But first, the spawn location. At spawn you are in a savanna facing a desert (and the extreme hill) with a village right in front of you. The village has a blacksmith. His loot is two iron picks, gold ingots and food (bread and apples). Now about that temple.

The desert temple is very close and easy to find. If you head for the unmissable extreme hill, the temple is on the close side of the desert to the right. Desert extends in all directions around the extreme hill except where the savanna injects itself. Rivers cut through the desert, too. There’s horses roaming around, and the hill itself is very impressive. There’s a few waterfalls and massive gutted out areas, too. The top is above the clouds and has a flat spot if you’re looking for somewhere high to set up base camp.

Minecraft Seed: 1168863261

Seed Verified with Version: 1.7.10, 1.8.0

We didn’t pillage the chests in the temple, so if you do, let us know what you find in the comments!

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13 thoughts on “Extreme Hill, Desert Temple and Village”

  1. So I found the village in the grassy area but not the temple, I have been all over, even turned on fly so I could get better view. A bit more info on how to find the temple would be great.

    1. the village is really hard to find but i found it eventually at -309 64 -206 I checked the chest in the blacksmith and it had the loot they said it did

    2. That is true. I never found the temple. If you gave us the coordinates, we could have gone there.

  2. I can’t find enything I want a seed for minecraft poket edision vision 10.5 alpha pleas know one reply

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