Dungeon Zombie Spawner

Dungeon with Good Loot plus Ore Under Spawn

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This Minecraft 1.8 forest/taiga seed has some nice surprises straight under spawn. Digging straight under the game’s spawn point you’ll fall into a dungeon with a zombie spawner in it. There is only one chest, but it has good loot in it: two saddles, iron horse armor, name tags, an iron ingot and bread. The dungeon opens up into a small cave system where there is surface ore you can mine, too.

Continuing to dig straight down from where you landed in the dungeon you’ll come upon another opening in which you’ll be staring at surface gold. We dug it out to find that it wasn’t a lone fluke piece – there’s several blocks waiting to be taken. Exploring the cave to the left and right you’ll find more surface ore. Notably, heading in one direction you’ll encounter lapis lazuli and redstone. Continuing on you’ll find more redstone and diamond, but getting the diamond won’t be as straightforward as the other ore as it’s on the far side of a lava pool.

Minecraft Seed: 132

Seed Verified with Version: 1.8.0

Did you find anything we missed?

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  1. So there is a stronghold at -577, 497, (according to amdist 3.7) anyone find that one? i dug down and couldnt locate the actual hold.

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