The Diamonds

Diamond Village and Temple – 1.11 Seed

This seed has a village with a neighboring witch’s hut. In the village, you can find a blacksmith shop containing diamonds. Then if that isn’t good enough, there’s also a desert temple with another diamond in it. This seed seems to have diamonds all over, and there is no mining necessary.

Minecraft PC 1.11 Seed: 4462866841322332316

The Village and Hut

When you first spawn, walk to your right to find the village. You’ll see it in the plains biome around -286 / 68 / 225. Like any village, it has plenty of crops to collect and villagers to trade with. The best part is the blacksmith shop, though.

The Village
The Village

Inside you’ll find the chest containing a saddle and three diamonds. You haven’t gone that far on the seed, and you already have enough diamonds to make a pickaxe!

Next to the village is a swamp biome with a witch’s hut. The hut itself doesn’t have anything important in it. Just beware of the witch who will poison you if you get too close.

The Witch's Hut
The Witch’s Hut

The Desert Temple

To find the desert temple, go back east toward the spawn point. Continue through the plains biome and go into the desert biome. Keep going east until you see the temple at 224 / 65 / 330.

The Desert Temple
The Desert Temple

Beneath the purple clay in the temple, you can find the long drop with the four chests at the bottom. Don’t touch the stone pressure plate in the center as you go down to the chests. That’ll set off an explosion that will destroy all the loot.

If that happens, you’ll miss out on the gold ingots, golden apples, enchanted book, emeralds, iron horse armor, and another diamond.

These two structures are just the start of this seed, and you already have four diamonds and more. Keep exploring for yourself to see if you can find anything else!

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