Best Minecraft Seeds – May 2015

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The Best Minecraft Seeds for May, 2015 are in, and they’re going to look pretty familiar! To our surprise, not only were May’s best Minecraft Seeds inclusive of April’s best, they’re also in the same order. That’s right, it’s exactly the same. It wasn’t a blow-out – it was close, but the results are the results. Here’s the best Minecraft Seeds for May:

The Best Minecraft Seeds for May 2015

#1: Spawn Beside Jungle Temple

Jungle Temple - Minecraft

#2: Stronghold in Ravine [1.8x]

Minecraft Stronghold Seed - Exposed Library

#3: Minecraft Village Seed – Great Loot

Minecraft Village Seed - Desert Village and Temple
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14 thoughts on “Best Minecraft Seeds – May 2015”

    1. Jaried, the seeds might not work for you because you might be trying to put them on a version other than the one they work on. Look at the area where it says the seed, and it should say which version of minecraft it works for.

    1. @jinxes – Sorry you don’t like them. There’s plenty of sites you can get seeds from – or you could come up with your own. Good luck. -Botch

  1. @ everyone saying these suck;
    It’s because the site isn’t as popular as others. Nonetheless, it’s bloody helpful. So just shut your traps, k? K.

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