Desert Village, Desert Temple - Minecraft

Abandoned Mineshaft Under Desert Village

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When the game spawns you on this Minecraft seed we recommended heading southeast into the desert. You cannot see it from line-of-site due to a soft hill, but you’re just a few minutes away from a desert village that is also adjacent to a desert temple. We didn’t even go inside the temple (we usually leave that as a surprise). We did, however, give the village a good look, and there’s a lot to do (and get)!

The village blacksmith has a chest that includes both gold and silver ingots, apples and an iron helmet for the taking. Below the village’s well we didn’t find a stronghold, but did find a mineshaft. It’s a big one, and we only explored it for a short time but found lapis lazuli and plenty of both iron and coal as well as some redstone. Our exploring was very brief (only a few minutes) so we’re sure there’s much more there. Another cool feature is the extreme hill / mountainous savanna off to the northeast of the spawn point (check out the screenshots below) – there’s floating islands and huge waterfalls pouring out of the sky-scraping mountainscape.

Minecraft Seed: 1766653575

Seed Verified with Version: 1.8.0

Minecraft In-Game Screenshots

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54 thoughts on “Abandoned Mineshaft Under Desert Village”

  1. Great Seed! But the village doesn’t look like that in my spawn – and the temple was a bit far away from the village. There is another village in the plains that is visible from the spawn point. No loot. Haven’t found the mine shaft yet, but I’m sure it’s around. This is a very cool world!
    Desert Village -440 69 108
    Desert Temple -233 66 89
    Plains Village -240 66 -235

    1. Thanks Lauren – This leads me to a question… Have you noticed that in 1.8.0 you can enter the same seed but not appear in the exact same spawn point? In our experience the game still spawns you very, very close to the spawn point you anticipated (within a dozen blocks or so) but not in the exact same spot. Starting to wonder if this is a 1.8.0 issue, and if anyone else is experiencing it.

  2. Just started this seed. I took up residence in the Plains village, there are a lot of caves in the area to explore. I looted the temple, haven’t seen the mine shaft yet either.

  3. I used this seed as well, I’ve only started the game on the recommendation of my young son. I found the desert village and dug down next to the well and found a massive cave system, lots of red stone and blue ones and I eventually came across the mineshaft, lots of spiders with spawners and chests – makes for lots of exploring though tricky playing survival mode

  4. My apologies if this isn’t meant for continues discussion about this seed. Just wanted to point out the the caves right below the well in the Plains village is definitely worth exploring!

      1. OK great.

        I found another desert village with blacksmith. Let me know if anyone wants the quards. I still haven’t found the abandoned mineshaft. Is it deep in a cave?

  5. Villages:
    1: XYZ: 682.881 / 67.00 / 194.021 (with blacksmith + all crops)
    2: XYZ: -234.799 / 66.00 / -242.876
    3: XYZ: -443.551 / 68.00 / 115.881 (with blacksmith)
    4: XYZ: 59.551 / 68.00 / 596.788

    1. XYZ: -244.801 / 69.00 / 81.969

  6. Came across a really big and messed up stronghold. Went through it and found a library! Go trough it yourself, maybe I missed something?

    Stronghold ‘centre’:
    XYZ 641 / 30 / 438

    For a safe dig down to the stronghold:
    XYZ 641 / 71 / 438

    Stronghold library (with nice enchanted books):
    XYZ 724 / 32 / 427

  7. All I got is a big cave I have not found mineshaft but Im still happy for all those materials in the cave

  8. i think i spawned in a totally diffrent seed but i did heve a desert temple , desert village , well , normal village,pumpkins next to a normal village and a lot of horses. my temple wasn’t under the ground either :D. is it just me that has these problems? cuz’ my minecraft akts weird sometimes

  9. there is a dungeon between the well and the farm ..if you dont find it try digging around. you have to dig really deep .. i think it is at y:12

  10. there is a third village. i found it while i was out adventuring on a horse. it will take you some time to get there though, but not more than one or two mc days. it doesn’t have a blacksmith, but it has a large amount of farms, and has pumpkins in the center of the village, too. worth checking out if you’re a farmer, unless you already have carrots, potatoes, and pumpkin. nothing besides those thing that are valuable there.
    XYZ 812 70 -165

  11. in addition to my comment about the third village, i found a second temple at 1354 65 -207
    average chests, except for one, it has three diamonds

  12. awesome seed!
    I found 6 villages and 2 temples relatively close to the spawn point.
    The largest village (direction ESE) has the mineshaft underneath.

  13. in version 1.8.1 at x:-556.370 and y:70.24807 if you dig strait down you will find abandoned mineshaft with diamonds, emeralds, and lapis lazuli

  14. Dudes, did someone find the Extreme Hills, they should be located facing north east from spawn… I just walked like 340958735 million miles…Still no Hills… Help much appreciated

    1. Jon – Can you verify that you’re using one of the versions of Minecraft that are listed and then reply back to this comment with what version you are using so we can test it. Thank you!

    2. 191 -157 there’s a massive cave that leads to this maps fabled mineshaft. you’ll find a ton of things in there (like melon seeds for example)

  15. is the desert village around spawn, or do you have to walk around to find it? and i spawned in a savanna-plains area so is that the correct spawn area?

  16. and if so in the plains village well and dig down to layer 13 dig around there is a spider dungeon with a name tag, redstone, wheat, saddles, buckets and lots more…

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