Minecraft 1.8 Seed - Dungeon Zombie Mob Spawner

1.8x Dungeon Below Spawn, Massive Waterfall

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This PC/Mac Minecraft 1.8x seed starts you on the edge of an extreme hill that is snow covered from halfway up to the top. If you move around the mountain toward your right you’ll find a massive waterfall after turning the corner. We dug straight below the spawn point and fell into a dungeon with a zombie mob spawner in it!

The dungeon has two chests. In the chests are name tags, a saddle, iron ingots, and a bucket as well as some more ordinary finds like wheat, bread and redstone. Exploring the cave tunnels once you fall into the dungeon within 5 minutes we found iron, gold and a huge underground ravine. There’s more of what you’ll see on the surface and underground in the screenshots. Let us know if you find anything we missed!

Minecraft Seed: 1414

Seed Verified with Version: 1.8.1

Minecraft In-Game Screenshots

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18 thoughts on “1.8x Dungeon Below Spawn, Massive Waterfall”

  1. Played 10 minutes got 15 diamonds 2 emeralds a base and a monster spawn for later xp farms. Good Seed to start with Minecraft.

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